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Website Launch!

Well, here we are! A long time coming, but after some time I am finally ready to say: it's official! I now have my own website! will be my one stop shop for everything that I share with you. The good thing too is that I will also be posting to all the social media platforms (you know, the YouTubes, the Instagrams, the Threads (!?)). However, the website will be the spot that will help guide you to those platforms in case you ever get lost :) .

I know right now there isn't much here, but I plan to add more. I also plan on doing more regular blogs on the places I visit. Don't forget to keep up to date on the aforementioned social media platforms!

Stay tuned for my first 'actual' blog about our recent trip to Mystic, Connenticut! I'll tell you, that was a surprise hit! So I'll spill the beans on where we stayed, what we did and provide you some good hints if you are ever in that area.



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