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My favorite spot to see Boston

Well you would think that after a year of living here I would have found a good spot to take a photo of the wonderful Boston skyline...

You would also like to know that, no...I haven't. That is until now!

Welcome to Piers Park. Just across the river close to the Airport this is a great spot to get a shot of the Boston Skyline. In particular it's a good spot to view the North End and the Seaport. I will admit, getting here from Cambridge was not the easiest task in the world, but it's more than doable. A short trip on the Red Line to Downtown Crossing, Orange Line up to State Street then the Blue line to Maverick (cool name for a train stop I think!). From there a short walk to the end of the Pier where there is a memorial for Donald McKay.

Who is Donald McKay? From what I briefly researched online he was a shipbuilder, a prolific one at that. But unfortunately died without much money and sold his shipyard. There's a bit more to it than that, but that is not the point of this story (although I do wonder if this memorial is where his previous shipyard was...?).

Regardless, this is a great spot to set up shop. It was a relatively cool night and I managed to get there just before sunset. That was a good thing as it gave me time to get set up and my camera settings dialed in.

I managed this shot by combining three photos and merging them into an HDR image. Each one was a relatively long exposure because I wanted to 'smoothen' out the water. It also helped that I had a VND (variable neutral density) filter with me to help get that exposure even longer.

I am pleasantly surprised by the results! I will say, doing the long exposures did create a few hot pixels which I had to go in an edit out. I need to find a good software to remove them automatically, I am on the hunt for that!

So what do you think? Came out pretty good eh? I also did one when the sun was a bit further down (that one looks exceptional in black and white IMO).

A side note, these are up on FineArts if you want to purchase them!

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