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I grew up in the small town of Hazleton Pennsylvania. Not that you've heard of it; I'd wager. Shortly after graduating college I got a job outside the town in the bustling area known as Lehigh Valley. Compared to Hazleton it was quite a shock. 

As a kid, I was adventurous - and I probably gave my parents too many scares to count! 

The Lehigh Valley gave me a chance to explore outside of my small coal-cracker town. It was here where I first started mountain biking and exploring more of what was out in the world. It's when I took my first trip overseas, took my first beach vacation with friends, started backpacking and much more!

What this opportunity gave me was kindle to the fire. I now live in a MUCH busier area of the Boston suburbs - although part of that is because I met my beautiful fiance, and we had to move here (haha). However, it also gave me the inspiration to start exploring more of New England. I love seeing new places, new restaurants, new trails, new - well - anything 'new' to me.


I thought to myself: "Self...maybe someone else out there, that is held up in a small town, or just needing a little push to get out and do new things...maybe you putting  yourself out there can help them out."


So that is what I decided to do. I re-purposed my personal Instagram, created this website, made YouTube videos all in hopes that you can get the fire lit in you. To get you out there and explore.


I truly hope you join me on this journey! 

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